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This site is dedicated to the children of our ancestors. As our Grandma Edith Krysta (Dorothy Cuthbertson's sister) said in 1992 about having a family tree, "It really is important for the people and the children who are coming along."  Do you know where you come from?

Many thanks to Jack Clippingdale of England for the research he did on the Clippingdale line, supplementing the work done by Samuel Dodd Clippingdale in 1894.  I also want to thank both Charlotte McIntire (California) and Karen Mentzer (Oregon), who did years of exhaustive research on the Northrop/ Northrup and Brotton lines, and Dorothy Byergo for all her work on the Jenkins and Harwood lines.

A short word about the facts: most of this history true!  But joking aside, I have not had time to check every single ancestor for accuracy, have probably made errors and have no doubt perpetuated errors created by others. In the future, I hope someone with a more exacting nature will have the time to verify or disprove any questionable lines provided herein. I have tried to indicate questionable lines as such, but we can assume there are some that I've misunderstood. One must also remember that the earliest records sometimes have sources of very sketchy provenance.  If you can help, please contact me.

Finally, I am including a letter from my adopted grandmother, Taqwseblu (Vi Hilbert),  a respected leader among the First People of Puget Sound, Washington.  It is a letter originally addressed to her own people, but has much to teach us, as well.  She and her family have always taught me the importance of knowing where I come from. Without her family, I would never have felt the need to research our family history. 

With your help, the generations yet to come will know where they come from, will know their roots.

Brett Clippingdale,

SURNAME INDEX:  Ames, Adkinson / Atkinson, Allen, Alsop, Andrews, Angier, Apuke, Atherton, Baldwin, Banks, Barrett, Barter, Batchelder, Bate, Bell, Beresford, Bird, Birdsey, Blackman, Boreham, Briscoe, Bristol, Brotton, Brown, Brundish/ Brundage, Bryan, Bunker/ Bon Coeur, Burroughs, Butler, Butterfield, Camp, Canfield, Churchill, Clark, Clay, Clippingdale, Clogston, Combes, Conklin / Conkling, Cooper, Crabtree, Craighead, Crane, Crobber, Croker, Cuthbertson, Davenport, Davis, Demott, Dexter, Dodd, Dolte, Dormer, Du Bois, Eliot/ Elliot, Erdeswick, Erdley, Farrar, Foxcroft, Frederick, Fry, Gilbert, Glasford, Godfrey, Gorham, Gunn, Hait/ Hoit/ Hoyt, Hannah, Hardy, Harris, Harwood, Hawley, Hawten / Hawtayne, Herrington, Hills, Hobson, Holly, Homes, Hopkins, Houghton, House, Howell, Howland, Hubbard, Hurd, Hurst, Hussey, Hutcheson/ Hutchison/ Hutchinson, Jacob, Jenkins, Jones, King, Kinge, Kitchell, Knap/ Knapp, Kuthankova, La Tour, Lambert, Lamoureux, Launders, Lee, Leete, Leggett, Liska, Little, Lockwood, Ludlam, Lyon, Marshall, Mason, Masse, Matousek/ Matouskova, Mayhew, Meigs, Mercereau / Mersereau, Merry, Mitchell, Mott, Mountfort, Mulford, Newman, Northrop / Northrup, Paine, Parkhurst, Parmalee / Parmelee, Partridge, Paxton, Pearce, Penoyer, Phelps, Pierson, Platt, Platts, Prout / Prowte, Rankin, Ray, Reaves, Reynolds, Rice, Roe, Rogers, Rose, Rudd, Rutherford, Sarson, Scofield, Sheafe/ Sheaffe, Short, Shott, Skiffe, Skynner, Slavicek, Slavickova, Smith, Stackhouse, Stevens, Stoddard, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Tilley, Tracy, Traintor, Turner, Tyboth/ Tybott, Waitstill, Wales, Warren, Waters, Weaver, Westlake, Wheeler, Wheelock, Wheelwright, Whitcomb, White, Wiggins, Wight, Wilson, Wingar, Winthrop?, Wood, Woodhall and Youngs.


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